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Our Family Run Farm est. 2008

Robinsons Eggs is a family run farm, founded in 2008 by our own Richard & Laura Robinson. It all started in the Forest of Bowland ANOB with a flock of only 400 Lohmann Classic Brown hens. Eleven years later, in 2019, we extended the bird houses to include two flocks on the farm. We also built our very own state-of-the-art packing centre. Moving forward another few years, we now care for over 50,000 free range hens enjoying the 194 acre farm and have a packing centre capable of sorting, grading and packing over half a million eggs a day. This may sound like a lot however, we also work with a wider pool of egg producers in the UK. These farms work exclusively with us ensuring that the same ethos is met across the portfolio.

Roaming Freely

We pride ourselves on producing the finest, freshest, free-range eggs and we do this by keeping our beloved hens’ health and happiness at the heart of what we do. The wholesome, rich diet fed to the hens makes for a bright golden yolk every time. Our eggs are produced using Free Range farming methods, which means our birds are allowed to roam freely outdoors whenever they like. The hens also have access to natural scratch areas and perches, helping them to express their natural instincts.

Local Outlets

At first, you could only find our eggs in local restaurants, pubs and farmers markets. Now, you can find them in wholesalers and retailers across the country. So no matter where you are, you can experience our wonderfully golden yolks.

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