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Egg Nutrition

Superfoods What are they?

There are several definitions as to what a ‘superfood’ is, but one thing we can be sure of is that eggs are our super food! With such an impressive mix of nutrients, eggs are one of natures most nutritious foods; they are also incredibly versatile and are great value for money.

Impressive Nutrients

As well has being high in protein and low in fat, eggs are naturally rich in vitamin D, B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B12 and several other essential dietary vitamins and minerals.

Protein is perfect for maintaining a strong, healthy body. As well as it being needed for everyday growth and repair of body cells, it is great recovery fuel after a workout. Protein also makes you feel fuller for longer, so if you’re looking for a super nutritious food to include in weight loss goals, eggs will be a good option.

Vitamin D, sometimes known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is naturally produced by your body when exposed to sunlight. But sunlight isn’t always an option, so additional top ups will only help to provide the health benefits of this essential vitamin. The greatest benefits are arguably; supporting the normal function of the immune system; regulating the absorption of phosphorus and calcium; and supporting the normal development of bones and teeth.

Incredible Versatility

How do you like your eggs in the morning (or afternoon, or evening)? There are so many ways to use eggs, from eggs being the main event to eggs being an essential ingredient.

The classic main events include;

But have you tried;
🥚Salmon Fishcakes🥚Oat Pancakes🥚

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